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How does finding an Expert work?


Your request an Expert

Use our form below to file an expert request. We ask you to specify the project and answer some questions. It is a simple and efficient process, which does not incur any fees.


We conduct the research

We then proceed to find the best experts on the basis of information provided by you. To maximise the effect, we use a constantly updated database of specialists combined with a bunch of technological solutions.


You get an Expert

After a short amount of time you will be presented the best matches for your project. You will be able to decide at this point if you want to cooperate with the proposed Expert.

You are now one step away from making more informed decisions! We would love to hear about your project. Fill out the form below and we’ll take care of connecting you with the top Experts.  

Please provide in a format including the country code.
Please briefly describe the specifics of the project. This will help us better match experts to your needs.

Why should you work with us?

Wisertalks increases excellence by focusing on one particular field. Our expertise in Data and AI areas allows us to more comprehensively check the quality offered by our Experts.

We match Experts on request, treating each one as a separate project and paying particular attention to the selection process. You will receive a personalised approach to ensure that your needs will be met. We support our practises using the newest technologies to ensure a quick and efficient process of matching Experts with your business.

As a smaller player in the market, we are capable of accessing more distinctive Experts who do not partner with large-scale expert networks.